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Ohio heroin rehab successHeroin in the state of Ohio is becoming a very big problem, especially with the younger population.

The major cities in Ohio that are affected by heroin abuse are Cleveland, Cincinnati, Columbus and Toledo. These cities and their surrounding areas are hubs for heroin trafficking.

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Heroin Rehab and Treatment in Ohio

OH heroin addiction rehab helpOhio citizens are beginning to seek out treatment for their heroin addictions. In 2011 there were over 67,101 admissions to drug/alcohol treatment facilities in Ohio – 6,217 of them were for heroin abuse. Not everyone is getting the treatment they need. According to NSDUH reports, there are 228 Ohio residents that need but did not receive treatment within the last year.

In addition to the 63 drug courts that had been in operation in the state of Ohio, 12 more are being implemented. Heroin offenses accounted for over 10% of the prison population in Ohio, as of 2011.

Because heroin is readily available in Ohio, children in high school are beginning to become addicted to this drug as well. By the time kids hit the 12th grade, 3.2% admit to abusing heroin.

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How to Find Rehab Help for Heroin Addiction in Ohio

decision to enter drug rehabThere are several different types of heroin that can be found throughout the state. In the northern part of Ohio, South American and Mexican black tar heroin are most common, the southern part of Ohio sees more Mexican black tar heroin than South American. Officials have also started seeing Mexican brown powder heroin in both regions.

Ohio citizens are using illegal drugs more than ever before. According to reports, 259,000 Ohio residents have or have had an addiction to drugs or alcohol within the last year. That is a 83,000 person increase from the year prior.

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