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NC heroin rehabsHeroin was once considered not a threat to North Carolina. However, that is changing and heroin is becoming a major drug of choice for North Carolina residents. Heroin is now present in almost all major metropolitan areas.

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Heroin Rehab and Treatment in North Carolina

rehabs for heroin addiction instead of jailThere has been a 77% increase in heroin seizures since 2010. The most common form of heroin in North Carolina is Mexican black tar heroin. It has been found that heroin is coming into the state from Miami, New York, New Jersey and Philadelphia by secret compartments installed in vehicles.

North Carolina saw over 21,000 drug and alcohol treatment admissions in 2011. That is an increase of 3,000 people from the year prior. However 192,000 people in North Carolina have reported that they need, but did not receive, treatment for drug and/or alcohol addiction.

A study conducted in 2011 shows that 549,000 (8%) of the population in North Carolina used illegal drugs in the last month. The same study shows that 217,000 North Carolina residents have had a drug dependence problem within the last year. That is a 72,000 person increase from the year before.

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Drug rehabs can be found throughout the state of North Carolina; however, be sure to do your research on the type of treatment being offered. All drug rehab centers are not created equal. If you’ve been sucked in by the Charlotte, North Carolina drug trade, or that of another city, contact our rehab professionals today. We can help.

How to Find Heroin Rehabs for Someone from North Carolina

North Carolina heroin treatmentHigh schools in North Carolina are also seeing some alarming trends when it comes to heroin abuse. By the time students hit the 12th grade 2.7% are addicted to heroin.

North Carolina currently employs 38 drug courts to help regulate the growing drug problem in the state.

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