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Missouri rehab help for heroinIn the last eight years the level of purity in heroin has risen in the state of Missouri. Officials report that the white powder heroin is between 10 – 40% in purity. This can be dangerous because users, not knowing the purity of a particular batch do not adjust their doses accordingly, and ultimately more overdoses from heroin abuse are seen.

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Need for drug rehabBecause there is more heroin coming into the state, suburban areas are the newest targets for heroin consumption.

According to reports, there are 385,000 people in Missouri that have abused heroin or any other type of drug in the last month.

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Search for drug rehabInterestingly, the amount of people enrolling in rehab for heroin addiction is starting to drop. There were only 1,999 heroin addicts in rehab in 2011. 118,000 Missouri residents need, but didn’t get, rehabilitation for illegal drug use.

Official are working to eliminate the heroin problem in Missouri. In 2011 there were 29.8 kilograms or 970 dosage units seized. Another way officials in Missouri are trying to eliminate heroin abuse is by drug courts. Drug courts in the state of Missouri have risen in numbers to 124.

Children in high school are some of the main targets by heroin dealers. Missouri 9th graders report that 2.1% of them have abused heroin, whereas by the time they hit the 12th grade the percentage of people abusing heroin jumps up to 3/2%.

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How to Find Rehab Help for Heroin Addiction in Missouri

In need of rehab for heroin addiction in MissouriHeroin addiction is one of the most destructive forms of substance abuse in Missouri. Thousands of people are in need of a successful drug rehab facility.

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