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overcoming heroin addictionHeroin is one of the most devastating addictions someone in California can fall into. Finding the right drug rehab for heroin abuse or addiction is crucial to stopping the seemingly endless cycle of relapse and treatment. We do not recommend drug replacement therapy for heroin or other opiate addictions in California, but instead can help you locate drug rehab programs that work. Call us today at 1-877-340-3602 to find out more how we can help.

The state of California is no stranger to heroin use. In cities like San Francisco and Oakland, heroin remains the number one abused drug. This is due mostly to easy access from Mexico. San Diego and surrounding counties continually remain the most popular cities to smuggle in drugs.

Because of California’s unique geography and diverse culture, illegal drugs, like heroin are often times very hard eradicate. In addition to efforts by law enforcement, the most effective way to combat a heroin addiction is by long-term rehabilitation.

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Heroin Addiction in California

heroin addiction in CaliforniaThe most common form of heroin in California is black tar heroin. There are also seizures of Southeast Asian, Southwest Asian, and Colombian heroin, although not as common as the Mexican black tar heroin. Recently there are reports that a purer, Columbian heroin is on the market. This is supported by a 200-gram seizure in Ventura County.

Heroin abuse often times results in legal problems, this is most evident in the amount of arrests by California law enforcement. Recent reports show that over 150,000 adults were arrested for felony drug charges. In addition to the amount of adults being incarcerated, there were over 6,000 juvenile arrests for felony drug charges.

California Heroin Rehabs

For most, effective rehabilitation for heroin continues to elude addicts. NSDUH results show that 849,000 citizens in California reported that they need rehab but did not receive treatment. Juveniles did not escape addiction either; the same NSDUH study shows that over 340,000 juveniles claim using illicit drugs in the last month.

In 2007 federal officials seized 212.7 kilograms of heroin in California. In addition to that, the heroin seizures in California amounted to a street value of 1,144,027. In an effort to handle the threat of heroin abuse, California has increased the number of drug courts in the state, adding sixteen new courts in the last two years.

Rehab Help for Heroin

California heroin rehabsIf you or your loved one from California is in need of a successfu long-term drug rehab program for heroin addiction, we can help.

Call our heroin addiction rehab helpline now at 1-877-340-3602 or fill out the form on this page for more assistance for someone seeking help from California.

Heroin addiction can be overcome with the help of the right drug rehabilitation facility, and we can help you locate a rehab center that fits your needs.

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