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Successful heroin addiction rehabWe can help you locate heroin addiction rehabs that work and prove that permanent recovery from heroin addiction is possible.

Heroin abuse in Arizona is a growing problem, with Phoenix as one of the largest areas where heroin is abused. Arizona is one of the most vulnerable states in the U.S. for drug trafficking, mostly due to its shared border with Mexico.

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One of the most alarming trends with heroin is that it is being geared towards children. Makers of the drug called “cheese” which is a combination of heroin and sleeping pills entice children into using it because it’s “safer” than regular heroin. Although officials have not seen much activity with “cheese” it is a growing problem all along the Mexican border.

Another trend that is being noticed in Arizona is that individuals who start out using Oxycontin or any other pain killer eventually switch to using heroin because it is cheaper and easier to get.

Heroin rehab facilities differ widely in their philosophy on treatment methods for heroin addiction. You need to get the facts. Call us with questions you have regarding addiction and our treatment philosophies.

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Need for Heroin Drug Rehab

Need for heroin addiction treatmentLast year, more than 500,000 people used heroin, according to the National Institutes on Health. Additionally, 3.8 million people report having used it at least once in their lives. Heroin is highly addictive and extremely fast acting. It is so addictive that even after just three days, it is possible to experience withdrawal symptoms if you stop taking it.

Heroin abuse is associated with serious health conditions, including fatal overdose, spontaneous abortion, collapsed veins, and, particularly in users who inject the drug, infectious diseases, including HIV/AIDS and hepatitis. (read more on the need for heroin drug rehab)

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Heroin Background

Heroin addictionHeroin usually comes in the form of a white or brown powder. Street names for heroin include “smack,” “H,” “skag,” and “junk.” Other names may refer to types of heroin produced in a specific geographical area, such as “Mexican black tar.”

Heroin was first synthesized in 1874 from morphine, a naturally occurring substance extracted from the seed pod of the Asian poppy plants. The flower’s botanical name is papaver somniferum. Heroin, the hydrochloride of diacetylmorphine, was discovered by acetylation (the process of introducing an acetyl group into a compound) of morphine. (read more on heroin background)

Heroin Addiction Treatment

Need for heroin addiction rehabIf you are seeking help for yourself or for someone else who is addicted to heroin, for immediate help, call (877) 340-3602.

It is also important to be educated on the subject of chronic drug addiction in order to make an informed decision about the best heroin treatment option.

Addiction is a constant and unrelenting effort to obtain drugs in order to alter the feelings and perceptions of the person using them. Simply put, if an individual is basically happy with their life and has the ability to identify and solve problems where they exist, they are far less likely to abuse drugs. Drug abuse is a symptom of other underlying problems. The individual abuses drugs in an attempt to relieve themselves of the underlying problem. Of course the underlying problem goes undetected as their chronic drug use consumes the life of the abuser and the loved ones affected by his or her detrimental and chaotic behavior. (read more on heroin addiction treatment)

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