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Prescription Abuse Among Antidepressant Users

Friday, March 30th, 2012

Reuters health from New York is reporting that even though recent debates about how well antidepressants really work in people  with only mild to moderate depression they have come up with a new analysis of drug studies and they suggest they may have some benefits across the board.  From the University of Chicago, Robert Gibbons, the study’s lead author said, “The idea that unless you’re very, very ill, you’re not going to benefit from treatment does not appear to stand up, when looking closely.”  Researchers have found that more patients taking Prozac or Effexor had a substantial improvement in their symptoms than those taking a drug-free placebo pill it didn’t matter how bad their symptoms were in the first place.

One researcher who was not involved in this study noted that its findings still don’t mean the drugs are any better than non-drug methods of treating depression, there is still talk therapy and being more physically active.

Gibbons and his co corkers looked at and analysized outcomes for each individual patient in published and unpublished trials that were testing the effects of six weeks of treatment with antidepressants versus placebo pills.  It is noted that most of those trials were funded and run by the pharmaceutical companies that manufacture Prozac and Effexor – Eli Likely and Wyeth, respectively.  They looked at 12 studies of Prozac in adults and four each in elderly patients and youth, as well as 21 trials of immediate-or extended-release Effexor in adults.  About 9,000 participants were included.  This is what they found:

Adults taking Prozac had a least 50 percent improvement.

Fifty-five percent of adults on Prozac responded to treatment compared to 34 percent in the placebo group.  In the young people 30 percent on Prozac had significant symptom improvement compared to just six percent of the comparisons.

It did not matter how severe patients’ symptoms were before starting treatment there was some benefits.  When they looked at the elderly they found the difference between the treatment and placebo it was smaller.  17 older patients would have to be treated with Prozac for one to gain from it.  Gibbons said, “Clearly the efficacy of antidepressants is age-dependent, (and) largest, most interestingly, in youth, which I don’t think would be the mainstream view in psychiatry.”

Irving Kirsch, who studies antidepressants and placebos at Harvard Medical School in Boston said, “This new report didn’t make me more optimistic about the drugs.  There are alternative treatments for depression that also produce about the same symptom reduction as the drugs do, but without the risk of side effects, including psychotherapy and exercise.”

Antidepressants are on the prescribed drugs that are being abused in this country.  The drug companies are trying to make sure their popularity continues to be high.  There are other alternative ways to help yourself if you are depressed.  Don’t just take a drug.  Find a natural way first.

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Heroin and Prison in New York City, New York

Wednesday, March 28th, 2012

Just recently there was a study done and it was led by Sungwoo Lim of the New York City Department of health and mental Hygiene.  They looked at 155,000 people released from New York City jails over five years and what they found was that former inmates were twice as likely as other city residents to die of a drug overdose or homicide.  Those risk were especially high in the first two weeks after release and that is five to eight times greater compared with other New Yorkers’ risk during the same two week period.  It was also found that some other inmates had elevated risks of suicide that was including whites and people who had been homeless before going to jail.  All of these finds did appear in the American Journal of Epidemiology and they are in line with studies from other parts of the US and in the UK and Australia.  With all of these studies they have come up with the idea that there is a need for more programs.  They are suggesting mental health counseling and drug abuse treatment to be offered in jail and then something to help them in the community after they are released.

A fact that has been noted just recently is that more than half of Americans behind bars have symptoms of some type of psychiatric disorder, ranging from schizophrenia to major depression.  Most of these inmates meet the definition of drug or alcohol dependence.  It is also very interesting that only one fourth of these inmates receive mental health treatment while incarcerated.

Dr. Josiah D. Rich, said, “The largest mental health facility in New York City is Rikers Island.  A little over 2 million Americans are incarcerated, the majority being black and Hispanic men.  But many more flow in and out of jails each year.  Some are there for days, others for weeks to months.  When they come out, they may find that life is very different.  You may not have a job; you may not have an apartment.  Your social relationships may be up in the air.”

There is a huge problem with addiction to opiates which include not only illegal drugs like heroin but also prescription medications like Oxycodone and hydrocodone.  These addicts go to jail get off the drug for a few months when they go home they get back on it at a high rate and then they overdose.  That might explain the increased risk of drug related deaths in this study.  Overall, 1,149 of those people died after release; 219 were drug related deaths and 219 homicides.  There were 35 suicides among former inmates.

Rich said, “Ultimately, the best course will be to get more of those people into treatment, rather than a long stint in jail.  The answer is to figure out how we can stop incarcerating so many people.”

New York City drug rehabs could help people before they end up in a life of crime.

That would seem to be the answer.  Most of these inmates got into trouble because of their drug abuse.  The ultimate solution is to help people get off drugs and give education to all as to not do drugs in the first place.

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Australia fights for heroin smuggler’s life

Sunday, July 17th, 2011

An Australian citizen currently faces the death penalty in Indonesia for smuggling heroin into the country. Myuran Sakumaran, the organizer of the infamous Bali Nine, lost his final appeal. He faces the firing squad if a political solution can’t be reached.

The Australian government is backing clemency for Sakumaran. This decision will be left to the Indonesian president, Yudhoyono, who has the power to grant clemency but rarely exercises that right.

It’s a difficult situation for the president of Indonesia to be in. A heroin smuggler is one of the worst enemies to the public health and safety of any nation. What is more, Sakumaran was the ringleader of an entire heroin smuggling network. It is likely that hundreds of Indonesian citizens have died as a result of Sakumaran’s illegal profiteering at the expense of Indonesian lives.

Because of the huge profits to be had from the sale of heroin on the black market, it is certain that more smugglers will take Sakumaran’s place. This is part of the reason why the “War on Drugs” has failed. No amount of enforcement will dissuade a criminal from taking advantage of such an “opportunity”.

Heroin addiction rehabs and drug abuse prevention education are the only permanent solution to heroin addiction.

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Colorado police charge woman of killing cat with heroin smoke

Sunday, July 10th, 2011

Police in Boulder, Colorado have charged a 21-year-old Danielle Blankenship with third degree assault and animal cruelty.

Officials appeared at the scene of the crimes after Blankenship’s boyfriend called 9-1-1 after she allegedly became violent. He said that the incident happened after she was using heroin. Blankenship denied ever using heroin.

Boulder authorities also noticed a cat on the scene that was unresponsive and appeared to be poisoned. Blankenship’s boyfriend stated that she had blown smoke in the cat’s face while she was abusing heroin, and since that point the cat’s condition had worsened.

Heroin purity has risen in recent years, giving rise to a new young generation that smokes the drug instead of injecting it. There is a strong stigma against using needles, but no such stigma against smoking. Unfortunately, heroin can be just as dangerous when it is smoked as when it is injected. Moreover, it’s been proven time and time again that smoking heroin eventually leads to injecting it, because as tolerance builds it becomes more and more difficult for the user to get high from just smoking.

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This incident proves that effective Colorado heroin rehabs are needed now more than ever.

Portland Heroin Dealers Busted for Overdoses

Monday, May 30th, 2011

According to the Portland Tribune, Oregon authorities arrested three Portland residents on drug charges. These men allegedly supplied heroin to Portland resident Jeremiah Alden, a 32 year old male who died of a heroin overdose in a fast food restaurant’s restroom.

The arrests are part of an effort to punish drug dealers whose actions lead to a death. Under the Len Bias legislation in place, prosecutors can hold drug dealers accountable for drug-related deaths.

The Len Bias laws were named after a college basketball star who died from a drug overdose and create a minimum of 20 years in prison for anyone who supplies drugs that lead to overdose.

It is hoped that tough enforcement of these laws will result in fewer overdoses in Portland, Oregon.

The truth is that cracking down on heroin dealers only solves half of the problem. Someone who is addicted to heroin will not stop at any lengths to be able to get their fix. As a result, if they don’t get it from one dealer, they’ll get it from another.

Heroin addicts such as Jeremiah Alden need to be identified and brought to an Oregon heroin addiction rehab that provides the best chance for recovery. Without heroin addicts in the world, there would be no heroin dealers. If we attack the problem at both angles, we have a better chance at finally ending the senseless deaths caused by heroin abuse.

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7 Year Old Distributes Heroin to Classmates

Monday, May 23rd, 2011

A seven-year-old Pittsburgh, PA native brought bags of heroin to school and distributed them to classmates. The school learned of this when three sets of parents called in, complaining that their children had brought drugs home.

Authorities are still trying to determine where the child obtained heroin. While it’s a bizarre circumstance for a seven-year-old child to have his hands on heroin, the drug is more frequently being abused by older school children.

They aren’t shooting it up. Rather, they’re taking heroin derivatives such as “cheese heroin,” which can be purchased for a buck a hit and consists of a mix of heroin and over-the-counter pain medication. Because it’s so cheap and able to be taken so easily, it has become “popular” with the school-age crowd.

Heroin abuse is again on the rise, both because of the new, potent forms of the drug being marketed by drug pushers, and also because opioid prescriptions are on the rise. When someone becomes addicted to opioids, he’ll eventually turn to heroin for a cheaper, similar high.

Also, with new potent forms of heroin that don’t have to be injected, as mentioned above, teens are considering using it whereas they have shied away from needles. The stigma against the heroin junkie with “railroad tracks” all up and down their arms with long-sleeved shirts doesn’t keep a teen from smoking or snorting heroin. Unfortunately, heroin is dangerous and even deadly no matter which way you consume it.

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