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Michigan and Medical Terrorism

Wednesday, April 18th, 2012

What is medical terrorism?  Well it is when the government is telling you, you must put your child on certain drugs or you will be criminally prosecuted.  There is a case in Michigan that is being fought on behalf of Ken and Erin Stieler and their son Jacob by attorney with the Home School Legal Defense Association.  This case is because the Michigan Department of Human Services has filed a suit to force the parents to administer the chemicals to their son even though medical scans reveal him to be completely clear of cancer.  The chemicals are chemotherapy for Jacob and it is being mandated by the state.  They include ifosfamide, etoposide and doxorubicin.  These chemicals are carcinogens and they can actually cause cancer.  In fact, the FDA openly admits that these drugs have never been proven safe in children, stating, “Safety and effectiveness in pediatric patients have not been established.”  There are some lower courts in Michigan that have ruled against state officials and they have actually taken the side of the family on two occasions to avoid their son being poisoned with chemotherapy.  However, the Michigan Department of Human Services insists that state criminal prosecutors charge the parents with medical neglect.

The Home School Legal Defense Association is making this statement, “The Michigan Department of Human Services continues to attempt to prosecute this family for medical neglect.  If they succeed they will force Jacob to resume chemotherapy despite the fact that the drugs in question are not FDA approved (either for children in general or for this particular cancer).  Moreover, these drugs do not promise anything close to a guaranteed cure.  And, the FDA requires the drug manufacturers to disclose that these drugs cause new cancers to form, heart disease in children, failure to sexually mature, and many other serious side effects in some cases.  The Marquette County Probate Court has twice ruled against the Department.  Yet, the department keeps on fighting against these parents.”

This all sounds like “gunpoint medicine” a coined term meaning medicine administered at gunpoint by the government and that is what Ken and Erin Stieler are facing right now.  Because of this overreaching form of government-sponsored medical terrorism; if there are parents who do not agree to put their children on these chemicals they may be criminally prosecuted, thrown in jail and have their children taken away from them.

I do believe that this subject is a human rights issue.  Parents should have the right to say “No” to a medical treatment.  That should be a rational decision made by the parents after all they are there to protect the health of their children.  It seems like if that was a grown up then that person could just decide to have chemotherapy or not; knowing that he is ill.  No one would dispute that decision because he is a grown up.  Because this is a child the Department of Human Services might be thinking that the parents don’t have the right to decide for the child and they don’t think the child can make these decisions on his own.

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