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Meth and Heroin in San Jose, California

Thursday, April 12th, 2012

Today on March 5, 2012 there were three men all of San Jose that were arrested and charged in connection with one of the largest methamphetamine seizures in American History.

Anthony D. Williams Drug Enforcement Special Agent in Charge; Dennis Burns, Palo Alto Police Department Chief; Chris Moore, Sand Jose Police Department Chief and Jeff Rosen, Santa Clara County District Attorney made the announcement.  All of these people were involved with the investigation and the ultimate arrest and they are to be congratulated.  This was the largest drug bust in history.

The detectives from Palo Alto Police Department were following up on some information they got concerning stolen iPads.  This investigation led them to an apartment located in San Jose.  They were doing a preliminary search and they observed this large quantity of methamphetamine.  These detectives knew they had come across a big bust so they called the San Jose Police Department and the Santa Clara County District Attorney’s Office for some help.  That is when they called in the DEA San Jose Resident Office.  As a result of the investigation they seized approximately 750 pounds of methamphetamine; this supply has a street value of $34 million.  They also found items believed to be stolen from Palo Alto at this location.

These three guys were charged and arraigned with state law violations: conspiracy to transport a controlled substance; manufacturing a controlled substance; possession for sale of a controlled substance; child endangerment; gang enhancement because the investigation is believed to be tied to a Mexican drug trafficking organization.  Bail was set at $2 million each.  Of course in America, the charges are only allegations and the defendants are presumed innocent until and unless proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

This supply of METH is off the streets now and that is 750 pounds less that will be distributed in these communities.  If you know someone who needs help to get off drugs; get them to an inpatient treatment center where they can get safe and natural ways to detox and withdraw.  Something can be done about it.

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Heroin Abuse

Wednesday, December 7th, 2011

Heroin acts quickly and that is one of the reasons why it is among the most addictive drugs.  When people inject it into their blood stream they get the effects in less than 8 seconds.  In case you didn’t know you can smoke or sniff heroin.  Heroin is very dangerous because it is processed from naturally occurring morphine.  It can be missed with other substances and that can make it even more dangerous.

When a person uses heroin it can have powerful effects on their body.  Their judgment can be clouded you can have changing states of alertness and drowsiness.  The first effect of heroin is euphoria, flushing and heaviness in hands and feet and you get that within seconds and it can last for hours.  Some of the long term effects that go with heroin abuse are heart problems, lungs, kidneys and liver.  You can also get collapsed veins.

If you get an overdose you can actually die from it.  Your breathing slows down your blood pressure drops; your mental faculties are affected.  You can actually get stomach contractions, muscle spasms and vomit.

When a user does this repeatedly the body builds up a tolerance so they have to use higher and higher doses to get the same effect.  When a user tries to stop they will have withdrawal symptoms which can be very severe.  They get diarrhea cold flashes, muscle spasms, pain in the bones, sleeplessness and restlessness.  These withdrawal symptoms can be so severe that it can prevent the user from trying to get off this dangerous drug.

It has been estimated by the NIH that about three million people have tried heroin at some time in their lives.  Many of these people feel that heroin is risky and this study says that they may try it if they had done some other drugs first.  In fact it is most common on those who have used alcohol, tobacco and marijuana.  There are people who have not used any of these drugs and so they are much less likely to not start with heroin.  There are things you can recognize when a person is abusing heroin so watch for these signs of abuse, like sleeplessness and restlessness.  Stay involves with your family and friends so you can be aware of these dangers.  If you or someone you love needs help from a drug treatment facility, we can help.  Our rehabs in Louisiana serve the entire U.S.

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Teachers Today

Tuesday, December 6th, 2011

What do teachers of today go through each day?  Do you know a teacher?  I get the idea from talking to a few that school is not like it was in the Fifties.  Back then the teacher was respected and now they are watched as if they would harm your children.  I am sure it is quiet hard for the teachers now.  Students are known to carry guns to school, disrupt their classes because of unruly behavior.  In fact there would be a drug for that.  It is called Ritalin.  If the students do not sit in their chairs, do not listen and are fidgety the teachers calls that ADHA.  Right now there are a large percentage of students that are on drugs called Ritalin.  These drugs are taken so they can focus better.  That is one drug the teacher has to put up with.  What about the teacher themselves, how do they fare on their daily trek?  Should teachers be randomly drug-tested?  I believe the decision is still being reached on that matter.  One friend of mine was a bit concerned because she had a sister that is a teacher that was using ecstasy on the weekends and this teacher was not worried about getting caught because she felt like all things were under control.  This friend of mine felt like she needed to report her to the school but didn’t want to ruin her career.  I say call them maybe they can do random drug testing and save her life.  I know a teacher personally that is addicted to prescription painkillers and she goes to class each day taking this medication.  On the weekends she drinks heavily and has missed several days of work this year.  If drug testing were done she would not pass. reports that the arrest of a teacher In Ohio drew national headlines for having sex with five students and claiming insanity then just weeks after that coach Barr was arrested in Fairfield County on similar charges.  The problem is not isolated in the Buckeye State.  Numerous teachers in other states have been arrested and suspended for sexually explicit and drug related crimes this year.  A special education teacher and girls soccer coach was suspended this week for possible ethics violations.  She was using her computer to create pornographic websites. A music teacher in Semi Valley was arrested last week after a heroin overdose.  In Las Cruces an elementary teacher was arrested in his classroom on drug related charges.  All of this can be very alarming.  These people are in charge of our children each day.  Are they being responsible teachers or even responsible citizens?

Drug education is very much needed.  If most people were aware that this was going on each day in the schools they would I hope do something about it.  Get active now and find out what kinds of teachers are in the schools where your children go.  Help get the awareness up.

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Communication and Drugs

Thursday, October 20th, 2011

Do you know how to communicate well?  Some people think they are really good communicators and all they do is talk, talk, talk.

Well I don’t know if that is communicating.  When you are aware of the other person and listen, that may be talking.  When you say to the person, “yes, I hear you” you may be communicating.  When you make sure when you are talking with someone that they answer your questions, you may be communicating.  All of these are skills that help a person get along well in life.

When a person does drugs and become an abuser that may be one of their problems.  They could not communicate so they say, “I couldn’t say anything”.  They don’t stand up for themselves because they can’t think of what to say.  If they had a skill to communicate they could get passed that problem.

Drug users get introverted and then they make a choice to not communicate because that is how they got into trouble to begin with.  Now the drug abuser feels more shame and guilt about who they are and what they are doing.

When you go to Narconon Louisiana Riverbend Retreat you will get an in-depth part of the program that will address this lack of communication.

They will help you get into communication with others and the environment around you.  This part of the program will also allow you to apply practical exercises that will extrovert you taking attention off of just yourself and onto the present time environment.

Your senses and your ability to handle problems in your life will get much better because of this exercise.  It is important to be able to communicate so getting the skill is very important.

If you or your loved one is struggling with heroin addiction, we can help.  Dial our hotline now at 1-877-340-3602.

Drug abuse and addiction is a difficult struggle.  You don’t have to do it alone.  We can help you by providing expert heroin addiction treatment.  Call now.


Heroin: What is it?

Sunday, September 4th, 2011

We hear about heroin all the time on the news, but do we really know what it is?

It is a highly addictive illegal drug.  Millions of addicts use it each day all around the world.  They are actually unable to overcome the urge to continue taking this drug every day of their lives.  If they stop they will face the agonies of withdrawals.  They are not bad people they just don’t want to feel the pain that goes with withdrawals and no one has been able to help them so far.  There is an answer now – Narconon Riverbend.  Where they help you through the withdrawal stage and get you through the detox stage and then they give you life skills to help with the problems you had when you started to take the drug.

Heroin is made from the resin of poppy plants.  Milky sap-like opium is first removed from the pod of the poppy flower.  This opium is refined to make morphine, and then further refined into different forms of heroin.  Most heroin is injected, and that creates additional risks for the user.  These users on a daily basis face the danger of AIDS or other infection on the top of the pain of addiction.

So that is what heroin is.  Scientifically it comes from a plant.  Practically it should not be used because it creates addiction.

Heroin is one of the most difficult drugs to quit.  If you need help quitting heroin call us now at 1-877-340-3602.  We can connect you with a heroin drug rehab program that’s has proven it’s successful.


The Effects of Heroin

Saturday, August 20th, 2011

Heroin is a dangerous drug that can cause overdose and death. Even numerous celebrities have died from this opiate drug. Because many people who get into heroin are ignorant about the purity of the heroin, they can easily overdose or kill themselves. Some people even become addicted after just one try.

As with other drugs, the longer a person consumes heroin, the more tolerance they will build up. This means more and more heroin is needed in order to achieve the same feeling.

Heroin may give the person a high for a little bit, but once that person experiences withdrawal the fun ends. In fact, heroin’s withdrawal is so brutal that it makes the high not worth it. Many people would agree, but because the withdrawal is so unbearable, they give in to the drug just to make it stop.

The withdrawal occurs not only mentally, but physically too. Some of the common physical side effects are abnormal skin sensations, twitching, vomiting, slurred speech, nausea, constipation, trembling, pupil constriction, dry mouth, mental cloudiness, and slowing of heart and breathing rates. Other possible side effects are hallucinations, nightmares, convulsions, impaired vision, mental instability, mood swings, severe constipation, liver disease, abscesses, collapsed veins, fertility issues, diminished sex drive, and much more.

Fortunately, a person does not have to endure these unpleasant side effects alone. Heroin drug rehab programs are there to guide a person through the difficult process of quitting. Heroin is an extremely hard drug to quit all on one’s own, so it is highly recommended to look into a rehab program.

If you or someone you know needs help for a heroin addiction, you can call our hotline at 1-877-340-3602.

Heroin is Pure Hell

Saturday, August 6th, 2011

All around the world, heroin is being sold to unlucky victims on the streets. Most people do not truly understand what they are getting into when they try heroine. Ironically enough, heroin has been given the nicknames “pure hell,” “hellfire,” and “hellraiser.”

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, more than half a million Americans ages 12 and up have stated that they have used heroine at least one time. And it’s just one time that can get a person addicted. Currently in the United States, there are 1.5 million documented cases of Americans who are addicted to heroin. Of course, the actual number of those living in the United States who are addicted to heroin is higher.

There are two general types of heroin drug rehab programs: outpatient heroin addiction treatment and inpatient heroin rehabilitation. Outpatient heroin addiction treatment programs rely on the determination of the addict to succeed. These types of programs are shorter and less expensive, but do have lower success rates than the inpatient heroin rehabilitation programs.

Inpatient heroin rehabilitation programs isolate the addict from people they can attain the drug from to ensure that the patient is staying completely clean. Withdrawal symptoms are so harsh that most people who try to quit on their own find it too difficult to cope with on their own. Their will power is not strong enough.

The most difficult step in getting the help you need in drug rehab is admitting you are addicted and need help. Moreover, one must want to be helped. It is very difficult to help a person who cannot admit to their problem. However, with time, patience, and love, you can help a person reach this realization.

If you or someone you love is addicted to or abusing heroin, call our toll free hotline at 1-877-340-3602.

Australia fights for heroin smuggler’s life

Sunday, July 17th, 2011

An Australian citizen currently faces the death penalty in Indonesia for smuggling heroin into the country. Myuran Sakumaran, the organizer of the infamous Bali Nine, lost his final appeal. He faces the firing squad if a political solution can’t be reached.

The Australian government is backing clemency for Sakumaran. This decision will be left to the Indonesian president, Yudhoyono, who has the power to grant clemency but rarely exercises that right.

It’s a difficult situation for the president of Indonesia to be in. A heroin smuggler is one of the worst enemies to the public health and safety of any nation. What is more, Sakumaran was the ringleader of an entire heroin smuggling network. It is likely that hundreds of Indonesian citizens have died as a result of Sakumaran’s illegal profiteering at the expense of Indonesian lives.

Because of the huge profits to be had from the sale of heroin on the black market, it is certain that more smugglers will take Sakumaran’s place. This is part of the reason why the “War on Drugs” has failed. No amount of enforcement will dissuade a criminal from taking advantage of such an “opportunity”.

Heroin addiction rehabs and drug abuse prevention education are the only permanent solution to heroin addiction.

If you need more information about heroin abuse or heroin addiction treatment, call our toll free hotline at 1-877-340-3602.

Heroin Replacement Treatment

Saturday, May 14th, 2011

Many heroin addicts around the nation have replaced their heroin addiction with methadone addiction.

Methadone is a controlled substance doled out in daily quantities by methadone clinics throughout the country.

They are mainly concentrated in urban areas. The “medication” is similar enough to heroin for someone taking methadone to not experience violent withdrawals or cravings for their drug of choice.

The methadone epidemic leaves us asking two questions.

1. Is methadone replacement therapy really a cure?

Of course the answer to that question is no. The answer is obvious if you’ve ever tried to get a methadone client to stop using methadone. It’s just as difficult as trying to get him to stop using heroin.

The second question we have to ask strikes at a much broader issue.

2. Is there any real difference between these “prescription medications” such as methadone and these “street drugs” such as heroin?

Is there any fundamental difference? If a street drug can be replaced by a prescription medication, whereas most street drugs aren’t even potent enough to replace heroin for a heroin addict, then isn’t it possible that some prescription drugs are the same as or worse than street drugs in terms of their effect on the body and the mind?

Actually, researching this further, many of the drugs that are commonly abused on the streets were actually developed by the pharmaceutical industry. For example, heroin was developed as the “cure” for morphine addiction by the pharmaceutical industry. Now it’s broadly sold, distributed and abused on the streets. It originated as a prescription drug. There are many more examples of this.

Valium is a prescription drug that has been so commonly abused that it is widely considered a street drug as well. There are many examples of this.

The truth is that prescription drugs and street drugs have the same basic actions on the body. The only difference really is that a prescription drug is used to treat a particular issue or problem, and psychoactive prescriptions and pain killers and that sort of thing are given in very controlled dosages. They’re not taken in the same way that street drugs are taken. They’re not taken in hits, they’re taken in small doses. However, basically they have the same function on the body, and someone who abuses prescription drugs can get the same effect and the same high as someone who abuses street drugs.

It’s important to understand that there is no real distinction here. We’re dealing with the drug problem. The drug problem includes street drugs as well as prescription medications.

It also includes controversial practices such as those used by methadone clinics that are “commonly accepted” by certain vested interests in the medical community but deserve further inspection and possible shut-down.

If you know someone who needs the help of heroin rehabs in order to overcome his addiction, call our hotline now at 1-877-340-3602.

We can assist you with the heroin help that you need.

What You Don’t Know About Heroin Could Kill You

Tuesday, November 2nd, 2010

An estimated 9.2 million people are addicted to heroin worldwide. And anywhere from 153,000 to 900,000 of those heroin addicts are living in the United States. Why are so many people flocking towards a drug that killed over 16,000 people last year? The answer is simple – they do not know the facts.

The Bayer pharmaceutical company first created heroin in 1898. Heroin’s original uses were to handle tuberculosis and morphine addiction, however, people soon became addicted to the heroin instead. Since 1898 heroin has affected millions of families and it is no wonder why. In 1898 the vast majority of the public was unaware of heroin’s lethal and addictive traits and shockingly most people even today are unaware of just how deadly this drug really is.

Heroin comes from the poppy plant. After the drug is extracted from the plant it goes through a chemical process and is shipped overseas – usually from Afghanistan – and into the hands of drug dealers. These drug dealers then “cut” the heroin. Cutting a drug, means adding some sort of substance or substances to increase the amount of weight. For instance on gram of pure heroin can be turned into two or three grams of heroin when dealers add things like; strychnine, fentanyl, Tylenol PM’s, rat poisoning, dry wall or various other powder like substances. Unbeknownst to addicts, the amount and type of cut they ingest may lead to organ failure, brain damage or overdose deaths.

Despite the popular belief that a person has to ingest heroin three days in a row in order to become addicted, most addicts will admit to being hooked after just the first use. It is not hard to tell if someone has a heroin addiction. After just a few uses, their entire demeanor changes. A person under the influence of heroin will usually have a blank expression, waxy complexion, dark circles under their eyes, sunken cheeks, severe weight loss and poor hygiene.

One of the biggest reasons why heroin addiction is so lethal is because it is so hard for addicts to break away from the drug. Often times they continue abusing heroin because they are scared of the painful withdrawal symptoms. Withdrawal symptoms that include; insomnia, hot and cold sweats, vomiting, diarrhea, anxiety, severe cravings, chills, body aches and muscle cramps.

The fear of experiencing these withdrawal symptoms propels young heroin addicts int a lifetime of abuse. If you or anyone you know is in need of help for a heroin abuse problem please contact a drug rehab immediately. Do not let this epidemic destroy your loved one.

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