Huge Heroin Bust In Chicago

A $10,000.00 a day heroin business was taken down this week in Chicago. Authorities found almost 17 pounds of heroin in a drive shaft in a black Jeep Cherokee. Additionally, this is the same car, and the same owner who, a few weeks ago, was found with $250,000.00 floating in the gas tank.

This bust will eliminate a huge market for heroin abuse in the city. But what happens when they get the new shipment in? What happens when a new dealer comes onto the block with a better connection? The flow of heroin may be plugged today, but it won’t last.

The only real way to stop this billion dollar a year business is to eliminate the demand. If we handled the addicts there would be no one buying the heroin in the first place. The only real way to handle a heroin addiction is to enroll in an effective drug rehab. This will allow the addiction to get permanently handled, without the constant need for drugs. Heroin abuse does not have to continue.

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