Heroin and Drug Abuse in Charlotte, North Carolina

A 30 year old male was arrested in January in Charlotte, North Carolina.  He was charged with felony trafficking in marijuana, marijuana possession and maintaining a dwelling for a controlled substance.  All of this happened after the officials raided his recording studio.  They found nearly 500 pounds of marijuana in this studio.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg police and US Drug Enforcement Administration agents were all in on this investigation.  All of their work revealed that this 30 year old had received four crates weighing between 650 and 1,000 pounds from August to November 2011.  In January of this year the DEA agents learned that this recording studio would receive another crate.  They had information that this one would be coming from California and it weighted about 710 pounds.  A narcotics dog was brought on the scene and it detected the presence of drugs in the crate, so the authorities were able to find 476 pounds of marijuana inside.  The authorities also went to this 30 year old’s home and found a stolen gun and $20,000, marijuana and scales.  He now faces federal charges of conspiracy to possess marijuana with the intent to distribute, conspiracy to launder proceeds of drug trafficking and possession of a gun in furtherance of drug trafficking.

Here is some information of what marijuana is and what it can do to a community. On the streets of Charlotte, North Carolina, marijuana is referred to as “weed”, “hemp,” “dagga,” “refer,” “home grown”, or “dope”.  A potent hallucinogen, marijuana distorts its user’s perceptions and mental processes.  Many Charlotte addicts may assert that marijuana is “natural” and that it isn’t affecting them negatively.  Scientific studies directly controvert this.  Marijuana’s active ingredient, THC, stays in the body for weeks and even months; this drug alters the user’s reaction time and hampering their abilities.  Smoking pot predisposes one to cancer more strongly than smoking cigarettes.  The bad news for Charlotte marijuana abusers is that pot causes the same long-term effects on the brain as other drugs.  Next to alcohol, the most commonly abused drug in Charlotte, North Carolina is marijuana.  It is shock to us that over a third of all North Carolina 12th graders have said they use marijuana at least once in their lives.  Information on how to beat the urine drug test is on lines and residents from Charlotte have been making comments on how it has worked for them.  The drug user is smart when it comes to getting his fix and getting away with it also.

This 30 year old played on the fact that addicts need their fix and he was making some money off of their abuse.  If you know someone who wants to stop using drugs get them to Charlotte, North Carolina drug rehab where they can get a safe and natural way to detox and withdraw.  Something can be done about it.

If you or someone you love needs a North Carolina heroin rehab, call our hotline now at 1-877-340-3602.

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