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Heroin Abuse

Wednesday, December 7th, 2011

Heroin acts quickly and that is one of the reasons why it is among the most addictive drugs.  When people inject it into their blood stream they get the effects in less than 8 seconds.  In case you didn’t know you can smoke or sniff heroin.  Heroin is very dangerous because it is processed from naturally occurring morphine.  It can be missed with other substances and that can make it even more dangerous.

When a person uses heroin it can have powerful effects on their body.  Their judgment can be clouded you can have changing states of alertness and drowsiness.  The first effect of heroin is euphoria, flushing and heaviness in hands and feet and you get that within seconds and it can last for hours.  Some of the long term effects that go with heroin abuse are heart problems, lungs, kidneys and liver.  You can also get collapsed veins.

If you get an overdose you can actually die from it.  Your breathing slows down your blood pressure drops; your mental faculties are affected.  You can actually get stomach contractions, muscle spasms and vomit.

When a user does this repeatedly the body builds up a tolerance so they have to use higher and higher doses to get the same effect.  When a user tries to stop they will have withdrawal symptoms which can be very severe.  They get diarrhea cold flashes, muscle spasms, pain in the bones, sleeplessness and restlessness.  These withdrawal symptoms can be so severe that it can prevent the user from trying to get off this dangerous drug.

It has been estimated by the NIH that about three million people have tried heroin at some time in their lives.  Many of these people feel that heroin is risky and this study says that they may try it if they had done some other drugs first.  In fact it is most common on those who have used alcohol, tobacco and marijuana.  There are people who have not used any of these drugs and so they are much less likely to not start with heroin.  There are things you can recognize when a person is abusing heroin so watch for these signs of abuse, like sleeplessness and restlessness.  Stay involves with your family and friends so you can be aware of these dangers.  If you or someone you love needs help from a drug treatment facility, we can help.  Our rehabs in Louisiana serve the entire U.S.

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Teachers Today

Tuesday, December 6th, 2011

What do teachers of today go through each day?  Do you know a teacher?  I get the idea from talking to a few that school is not like it was in the Fifties.  Back then the teacher was respected and now they are watched as if they would harm your children.  I am sure it is quiet hard for the teachers now.  Students are known to carry guns to school, disrupt their classes because of unruly behavior.  In fact there would be a drug for that.  It is called Ritalin.  If the students do not sit in their chairs, do not listen and are fidgety the teachers calls that ADHA.  Right now there are a large percentage of students that are on drugs called Ritalin.  These drugs are taken so they can focus better.  That is one drug the teacher has to put up with.  What about the teacher themselves, how do they fare on their daily trek?  Should teachers be randomly drug-tested?  I believe the decision is still being reached on that matter.  One friend of mine was a bit concerned because she had a sister that is a teacher that was using ecstasy on the weekends and this teacher was not worried about getting caught because she felt like all things were under control.  This friend of mine felt like she needed to report her to the school but didn’t want to ruin her career.  I say call them maybe they can do random drug testing and save her life.  I know a teacher personally that is addicted to prescription painkillers and she goes to class each day taking this medication.  On the weekends she drinks heavily and has missed several days of work this year.  If drug testing were done she would not pass. reports that the arrest of a teacher In Ohio drew national headlines for having sex with five students and claiming insanity then just weeks after that coach Barr was arrested in Fairfield County on similar charges.  The problem is not isolated in the Buckeye State.  Numerous teachers in other states have been arrested and suspended for sexually explicit and drug related crimes this year.  A special education teacher and girls soccer coach was suspended this week for possible ethics violations.  She was using her computer to create pornographic websites. A music teacher in Semi Valley was arrested last week after a heroin overdose.  In Las Cruces an elementary teacher was arrested in his classroom on drug related charges.  All of this can be very alarming.  These people are in charge of our children each day.  Are they being responsible teachers or even responsible citizens?

Drug education is very much needed.  If most people were aware that this was going on each day in the schools they would I hope do something about it.  Get active now and find out what kinds of teachers are in the schools where your children go.  Help get the awareness up.

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