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Camden officials seek to prevent another heroin overdose disaster

Sunday, July 31st, 2011

Camden, NJ police authorities don’t want a repeat of 2006. That’s when more than heroin-related deaths reached disastrous proportions, with over fifty people dying in a short timespan.

Now in 2011, more than a dozen people have been sent to the hospital by heroin sold on the streets by the names of “Hellfire,” “Hellraiser,” and “Pure Hell”.

In 2006, part of the problem was that the police broadcasted a warning about the dangerous heroin. That warning was taken by drug users as an indicator that a purer form of heroin was being sold on the streets of Camden. Users flocked to the location, and overdosed by the dozen.

Now police are trying different tactics, spreading the word through the needle replacement clinics and other communication lines that get word to addicts quickly but in a way that will be listened to.

Police suspect that “Hellfire” is laced with a painkiller and this may be causing a drug interaction.

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Police break up New York drug ring

Sunday, July 24th, 2011

Police have taken swift action to break up a New York heroin, cocaine and crack trafficking ring based in Youngstown, New York. The distribution network purchased heroin and other drugs from New York City distributors in bulk, and then sold the drugs to clients in Youngstown.

This is the third such bust in four months. Over ninety New York police officers were involved in the all-day roundup, executing twenty search warrants and seizing drugs as well as a quarter of a million dollars in cash that was allegedly accumulated through the sale of drugs.

The alleged leader of the ring, Luis Angel Martinez, a 32-year-old male, was arrested six years ago for conspiracy to distribute drugs and served 18 months. Apparently, after he got out of prison he re-established his crime ring, using different lower-level dealers.

Heroin abuse will continue to be a problem so long as people are addicted to this highly dangerous substance. No matter how many criminals are arrested for drug trafficking, more will take their place so long as there is a profit to be had. The real answer is effective education and rehabilitation to prevent people from trying drugs and to help those who have lost their way.

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Australia fights for heroin smuggler’s life

Sunday, July 17th, 2011

An Australian citizen currently faces the death penalty in Indonesia for smuggling heroin into the country. Myuran Sakumaran, the organizer of the infamous Bali Nine, lost his final appeal. He faces the firing squad if a political solution can’t be reached.

The Australian government is backing clemency for Sakumaran. This decision will be left to the Indonesian president, Yudhoyono, who has the power to grant clemency but rarely exercises that right.

It’s a difficult situation for the president of Indonesia to be in. A heroin smuggler is one of the worst enemies to the public health and safety of any nation. What is more, Sakumaran was the ringleader of an entire heroin smuggling network. It is likely that hundreds of Indonesian citizens have died as a result of Sakumaran’s illegal profiteering at the expense of Indonesian lives.

Because of the huge profits to be had from the sale of heroin on the black market, it is certain that more smugglers will take Sakumaran’s place. This is part of the reason why the “War on Drugs” has failed. No amount of enforcement will dissuade a criminal from taking advantage of such an “opportunity”.

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Colorado police charge woman of killing cat with heroin smoke

Sunday, July 10th, 2011

Police in Boulder, Colorado have charged a 21-year-old Danielle Blankenship with third degree assault and animal cruelty.

Officials appeared at the scene of the crimes after Blankenship’s boyfriend called 9-1-1 after she allegedly became violent. He said that the incident happened after she was using heroin. Blankenship denied ever using heroin.

Boulder authorities also noticed a cat on the scene that was unresponsive and appeared to be poisoned. Blankenship’s boyfriend stated that she had blown smoke in the cat’s face while she was abusing heroin, and since that point the cat’s condition had worsened.

Heroin purity has risen in recent years, giving rise to a new young generation that smokes the drug instead of injecting it. There is a strong stigma against using needles, but no such stigma against smoking. Unfortunately, heroin can be just as dangerous when it is smoked as when it is injected. Moreover, it’s been proven time and time again that smoking heroin eventually leads to injecting it, because as tolerance builds it becomes more and more difficult for the user to get high from just smoking.

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