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New Jersey Man Uses 5 Year Old Son As Decoy In Heroin Smuggling

Wednesday, April 27th, 2011

Christopher Ennis was arrested recently in New Jersey after allegedly using his son as a decoy in a drug smuggling operation.

The New Jersey man had over 500 bags of heroin in his car, as well as syringes and other drug paraphernalia. He also had his five-year-old son in the child safety seat in the back, with the drugs hidden in the child’s bag of toys.

Police pulled the drug smuggler over when they noticed that his tag had expired. The man that he was following gave police a different story than he did, so authorities became suspicious and they asked him for the right to search his vehicle. He granted that request, apparently confident that police wouldn’t search a toy bag. He was disappointed.

They discovered five hundred bags of heroin with a street value of at least $7 a piece, which police said were worth 14 dollars per bag in suburban areas. This totalled over $7000 worth of heroin. The child is now under the care of Child Protective Services, and Ennis is currently under custody with bail posted at $70,000.

Heroin use continues on the rise in the United States, both amongst the older individuals already addicted as well as amongst the younger generation. Youth may be reticent to stick a needle in their arms, with all the info out about infected needles and collapsed veins, but new forms of heroin are available, including “cheese heroin,” which combines black tar heroin with other over-the-counter medications including Tylenol PM, which can be snorted or smoked and produce the same sort of effects.

Heroin is more dangerous than ever because it can be consumed in so many different ways. Heroin users have 20 times higher the fatality rate of a normal person. This is because the heroin user is at constant risk of overdose. He never knows what concentration of the drugs is present in any of the hits he buys.

Heroin in its pure form is a white substance, but it can be yellow or even black when cut with substances like caffeine or sugar. Some of these particles do not fully dissolve along with the heroin, and so cause the veins to get blocked or cause damage to vital organs.

Heroin is a highly addictive drug. If you know someone who is using it, they need help. Call our hotline at 1-877-340-3602 for immediate assistance with effective drug abuse rehabs.