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Why Are Methadone Clinics Privately Owned?

Thursday, September 2nd, 2010

While it is admirable for someone to venture out on their own and start a business, it is questionable when that business is a methadone clinic. Methadone, the powerful drug that replaces heroin and is supposed to allow addicts to live their life without the burden of a heroin addiction, may not be the miracle drug hoped for. In fact, more people are dying from Methadone than any other drug replacement therapy available to addicts.

Interestingly, when a person is prescribed Methadone they often do not get off of it. This is due to the abnormally painful and drawn-out withdrawal symptoms experienced when Methadone is stopped. While Methadone was never meant to be a permanent solution to heroin abuse, some wonder if the business side of Methadone clinics is getting in the way of the health of the patients. Because in the end, it is just smart business to keep as many people on Methadone as possible.

Methadone either replaces one addiction for another or adds one addiction to another. This is not the only treatment option for a heroin addiction. Long term treatment centers can be used by heroin addicts where they are given the opportunity to live their life without any drug.

Before committing yourself to a lifelong dependence on Methadone, reserach all the options so you can enroll in an effective heroin rehab. Remember, the few months it takes to complete drug rehab, is a small amount of time compared to a lifetime of Methadone maintenance.