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Lies and Manipulation – The Fallout From Heroin Abuse

Thursday, August 19th, 2010

Most people are familiar with the devastating effects of heroin abuse. It is well known heroin is a lethal drug that has the power to take someone’s life in a second. However, what some people do not understand is there are definite signs that a heroin abuse problem exists; signs that are apparent well before the addict reaches the point where they cannot stop.

The two most common indicators a heroin addict will display are lying and manipulation. Because heroin is so addictive and consumes a person’s every thought, they lie to their loved ones to cover up what they are really doing. These lies become bigger and bigger as more time elapses until the person is eventually lying about everything and can no longer tell truth from lies.

Additionally, manipulation is used as an addict’s last, desperate attempt to get what they want. Because of their all-consuming drive to use more and more heroin, they will stop at nothing. Suspected or accused of addiction, finding themselves backed into a corner, they will cry, bargain, beg, plead and make promises of good behavior. When the pressure subsides, or as soon as they get what they want, the addict will revert back to their former ways, continuing their lies and manipulation and enabling the heroin abuse to remain unhandled.

If you or anyone you know exhibits these traits, check for a heroin abuse problem. Insist on effective drug testing to bring the addiction into the open. Follow up with long-term rehabilitation.

Huge Heroin Bust In Chicago

Friday, August 13th, 2010

A $10,000.00 a day heroin business was taken down this week in Chicago. Authorities found almost 17 pounds of heroin in a drive shaft in a black Jeep Cherokee. Additionally, this is the same car, and the same owner who, a few weeks ago, was found with $250,000.00 floating in the gas tank.

This bust will eliminate a huge market for heroin abuse in the city. But what happens when they get the new shipment in? What happens when a new dealer comes onto the block with a better connection? The flow of heroin may be plugged today, but it won’t last.

The only real way to stop this billion dollar a year business is to eliminate the demand. If we handled the addicts there would be no one buying the heroin in the first place. The only real way to handle a heroin addiction is to enroll in an effective drug rehab. This will allow the addiction to get permanently handled, without the constant need for drugs. Heroin abuse does not have to continue.