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Mackenizie Phillips Drug Rehab Success Story

Saturday, October 3rd, 2009
Mackenzie Phillips Drug Rehab Success Story

Mackenzie Phillips Drug Rehab Success Story

“I kind of grew up on television. I was what they call a child star. I also grew up in a family that used and abused drugs. My dad was a rock star in the 60’s. Drugs were the norm in my family.
“I came to this Drug Addiction Treatment Center addicted to heroin and cocaine, having just been bailed out on felony drug possession charges. I felt like my life was over.
“I’d had 10 years clean time in the past, but I felt defeated by my relapse. I had done many different programs through the years trying to handle my drug usage. What I didn’t know was that this Drug Treatment Program is different and approaches the whole issue differently than any other recovery program I’d experienced. This Program allowed me to break free from my past by helping me solve the problems that I was trying to solve with drugs! Once I solved these problems, drugs were no longer an option! It allowed me to confront what I have done and take responsibility for the actions that led me nearly to the point of death.
“I was welcomed into a family of amazing people who truly cared about me. I was given the opportunity to repair past difficulties, under the caring and watchful eye of the staff.  The program has given me the freedom to move forward into my future, a future I did not think I had.
“I’m clean and well, no longer eaten alive by my past.  I’m responsible and accountable, ready to live the life I’ve always hoped for!
“This is the beginning of my life. I’ve learned who I am and what I am and I like what I’ve found out about myself. I can now move forward with my life, letting the past remain behind me and that means that life is new and I am new.”
-Mackenzie Phillips

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